CPRealtime-SQL Webstore and Mobile Apps:

CPRealtime-SQL seamlessly integrates your client’s web store with the CounterPoint database . True Real-Time processing. Tickets, orders, and customer data  are automatically updated in the web store immediately.

Affordable, true Real-Time processing. In-house server residency. No monthly or hidden costs and your clients keep 100% of your profits.

Same day support on any questions or issues. Experienced technicians treat you like you should be treated to put your mind at ease.

The valuable reputation of your company will increase along with your customer’s Sales and Profits. Your client’s website will be a Real-Time by-product of the Powerful CounterPoint-SQL System. Your clients products can be available on-line and on virtually all mobile devices.

Why not consider upgrading to CPRealtime®:Mobile CPRealtime
• Avoid costly upgrades
• One-time Software License
• No hidden monthly fees

Why not have your customer take the next physical inventory on their mobile devices with real-time item validation?