CPRealtime – FAQs


Who is Trinity Realtime?

We're a private software development company located in the heart of Silicon Valley. We specialize in e-commerce, Internet and accounting programs. Our founders have over 25 years experience as practicing CPA's and entrepreneurial computer systems developers. You can learn a lot more about us from other pages on this web site. We invite you to explore as much as possible to find out what kind of products we like to produce. And what a special company Trinity Realtime really is.

What is CP Realtime?

It's our first transparent interface software product aimed at a specific accounting program's user-base to permit the real-time processing of web-store sales. In this case, the target users are retailers and wholesalers that currently use, or are prospects to use, NCRs' CounterPoint general accounting software. CP Realtime integrates seamlessly and invisibly with CounterPoint.

Do have a CPSQL Version 8 CP Realtime?

Yes, we are shipping a very robust version of CP Realtime SQL™ which includes all features from our earlier CounterPoint version 7 CP Realtime™ and in addition, have included many new features not ever offered in CP Online or other CounterPoint E-Commerce interfaces. See above for a list of most major features.

Do I have to have CounterPoint-SQL to use CP Realtime?

Yes. CP Realtime™ is designed expressly as an add-on interface for CounterPoint. If you would like to know more about CounterPoint and how it might work for your business, contact us.

Do I need any special training to use CP Realtime™?

Absolutely not. The program is easy to install and ready to use right out of the box. Since you already know how to use CounterPoint, you'll need no additional training to use CP Realtime. If you have ANY problems at all, you can consult your Trinity Dealer or email the Company for any help you require.

What do I need to get started with CP Realtime™?

As mentioned before, you'll need CounterPoint, version 7.5.6 or higher with Order Entry enabled. You'll also need to have a Web-store or intranet order system and a full-time Internet connection.

Will CP Realtime™ work with a really small web-store? Or a large one?

We made CP Realtime™ very flexible and scalable. It can handle stores that sell only one item, or it can be scaled up to handle an unlimited number of different items. It's the only web-store interface that can do that. The only limitations to the number of items or number of customers is CounterPoint's capacity.

Can I restrict which customers can have access to CP Realtime™?

You decide who has secure access and who doesn't. You can select from three different login levels:

  1. Guest – these are the first-time and occasional visitors to your site who may make a purchase but who haven't formally registered as an 'open account' – No password required
  2. Registered Users – these are the regular visitors to your site – they have formally registered and been granted 'open account' status so when they place an order, you already have their billing and ship-to information on file – No password required
  3. Secure Users – these are a special class of customers that you want to allow access to sensitive information that is unavailable to the general public and other classes of customers – Username (or email address) and password required

I sell to consumers and businesses. Will CP Realtime handle both?

CP Realtime™ has both Business-to-Business AND Business-to-Consumer formats built in. You can configure CP Realtime™ to fit any situation you have. It's very adaptable.

Can I write really long descriptions about the products in my web-store?

As long as you like. CP Realtime™ lets you describe your products with as much text as you want to use. The text fields are unlimited.

I have lots of different items on my web site. Will my customers be able to search through my pages to find what they want?

You bet. We think CP Realtime™ has the best search features of any web-store database. It lets customers search by Category and Sub-categories. The powerful search engine in CP Realtime™ accepts multiple keywords and uses Logical Operators to swiftly zero in on the precise items requested. Since the customer will find what they're looking for faster, they'll be able to check out more items while they're visiting the site.

My customer's like to see detailed pictures of my products when they're shopping online. Does CP Realtime™ allow for pictures?

Yes. It lets you include a thumbnail photo with every item listing…and it lets the customer zoom-enlarge that image for close-up examination with a single mouse click. Don't worry about using up the available resources of the program with too many pictures, either. You can include an unlimited number of items with thumbnail and zoom-enlarged images.

I use a multi-layered pricing structure for different customers. Does CP Realtime™ support variable pricing?

Yes. CP Realtime mirrors the pricing structure you've programmed into CounterPoint. Remember, everything is "transparent" between CounterPoint and CP Realtime.

Does CP Realtime™ support credit card purchases?

Yes. Seamlessly. CP Realtime™ comes ready for Batch Credit Card Authorization using CP Gateway and now included, you can have it approve credit cards in 'real-time' through AuthorizeNet. We recognize that most online purchases are made with credit cards so we built in the most secure and simple-to-use credit card processing system available anywhere.

What other forms of payment can CP Realtime™ handle?

Practically any way you want to accept payment. Including Electronic Checks, debit cards, pre-payment credits, and future invoicing. It's up to you.

Do I have to get a separate 'Shopping Cart' in addition to CP Realtime™?

Nope. CP Realtime includes its own proprietary shopping cart… in fact, it's one of the most powerful and popular shopping carts used on the Internet today. Over 2,600 web stores already use the core shopping cart software that's incorporated in CP Realtime 2.0. CP Realtime's shopping cart ncludes all the latest functions and a lot of extra ones no one else has.

Can CP Realtime™ interface with my store AND my warehouse?

Yes. It has a built-in single warehouse interface that lets you maintain up-to-the-second inventory control at the same time you update your main store accounting records.

How does CP Realtime™ handle shipping?

Like a charm. This is one of the program's real strengths (it has quite a few). In real-time, every order is automatically processed for shipping charges and taxes (did you know 44 States charge tax on shipping?). CP Realtime™ offers four shipping plug-ins: (1) UPS 'Realtime Rates Locator'; (2) United States Postal Service rates calculator; and (3) a FedEx-provided shipping interface (requires custom installation). The fourth is a 'User Defined' rate calculator where you can calculate freight based upon order amount, percentage, fixed fee, number of items, etc. You can ever display the rates next to each other for comparison shopping. You've gotta see how smooth this feature works to really appreciate it. After your customer clicks the 'checkout' button at the end of their order, CP Realtime™ immediately (in a matter of seconds) calculates the exact shipping cost for the order and displays it on the screen. You can even configure the program to add a 'handling' fee to the shipping charge so you can collect revenue for processing orders.

How does CP Realtime™ handle sales taxes?

CP Realtime™ automatically calculates and reports the sales tax for all US jurisdictions and all International locations. You can be assured that all applicable taxes are collected and reported with no human intervention required. Since tax collection is where most accounting errors occur, this feature in CP Realtime™ is immeasurably valuable to have.

Some of my customer's qualify for special discounts. Can CP Realtime™ handle variable discounting?

Yes. CP Realtime™ has its own enhanced discounting system built-in. You can configure any type discounting program you need and then let CP Realtime™ do the work. Special couponing features allow the customer to enter a coupon number and receive a discount, if available

How does Trinity handle Support?

CP Realtime™ comes with three levels of support. First, you have your Trinity Dealer to provide assistance when you need it. Second, you can visit this web site anytime 24-hours a day 7-days a week and get a tremendous amount of technical support, upgrades and other helpful advice. And thirdly, you have the absolute guarantee from Trinity that its software is fully tested and proven safe and functional before you get it. Few other add-on interfaces provide such a comprehensive umbrella of product support for its customers. A fourth level of support is also available: for a small fee, users can purchase a blanket service contract that provides 100% protection for all their Trinity e-commerce software.

What other services does Trinity provide to its CP Realtime™ customers?

In addition to the basic software, Trinity is available to provide the following fee-based services:

  • Professional Web Design & Graphics
  • HTML programming Assistance
  • Custom Animation Creation (Flash Programming)
  • Custom User-Defined Software Modification
  • FedEx Warehouse Shipping Integration