SQL Features

Internet Access
CPRealtimeSQL provides direct, real-time internet access to CounterPoint data from anywhere in the world …24-hours a day.
Online Store
CPRealtimeSQL includes a template-based online web store, complete with shopping cart and item-search functions. Simply pick which products within CounterPoint you want to sell on the web store, and then only those products , along with their price, a long text description and graphic image, are displayed on the web site. CPRealtimeSQL seamlessly integrates the web store with the CounterPoint database in real-time. Changes, additions or deletions to data in CounterPoint are automatically updated in the web store. It’s like magic…whatever you do in CounterPointlive…also happens on your web site! This amazing, yet very easy to use, software brings all the power of CounterPoint right into your web store–pricing by customer or item; product colors and sizes; special discount options; even specific sales tax calculation by zip code and lots more.
Data Entry
Using a proprietary interface module, CPRealtimeSQL directly ‘reads’ and ‘writes’ to the CounterPointSQL data-base. When a web store customer enters an order online, the information is transparently written into CounterPoint simultaneously. Data entry occurs in true real-time. No more hassling with end-of-day transfers and manual order reconciliations.
Payment Processing
CPRealtimeSQL can be configured to process credit card purchases in real-time, or it can store orders to be invoiced or processed at a later time. CPRealtimeSQL can also accept many poplar credit card gateways and other web-exclusive payment forms.Accounts Receivable customers can also login and purchase using basis or special pricing options.
CPRealtimeSQL enables the user to maintain up-to-the-minute accounting of all web store activity directly into CounterPoint. The user never has to ‘upload’ or ‘download’ bookkeeping information from the web store. Every single web transaction is recorded into CounterPoint in real-time, as it happens. No subsequent input is necessary. Accounting records are accurate and accessible 24-hours a day. Business owners can access sales activity when they’re traveling or after hours. Information is a click away.
CPRealtimeSQL keeps track of every item in CounterPoint, in real-time. Users can elect to have out-of-stock items automatically removed from the web store display (until stock is replenished). This feature is a tremendous benefit since it eliminates the need to re-contact customers with notification the item they ordered is not available or will be late in delivery. The result is better customer relations and huge bottom-line savings. Not to mention happier employees.
Web Design
CPRealtimeSQL comes complete with a super easy User Page Designer. It takes just a few mouse clicks to publish a brand new web store. Users can ‘customize’ their web site to have virtually any appearance imaginable. Moreover, the site layout, colors, fonts and other design elements can be ‘switched’ among a palette of choices with a single mouse-click, so the look and feel of the web store is always fresh and new.
CPRealtimeSQL includes a flexible shipping module that can be user-defined or linked in real-time to USPS, UPS and user-defined shipping options. This powerful CounterPoint enhancement allows online customers to pick the mode of shipping they prefer. It also includes regular postal options and the ability to add a fixed handling charge to every order. Few online e-commerce systems have this high level of shipping options.
Opening a web store is just the first step in e-commerce. After that, it’s vital to market the store so online shoppers will be able to find it. That’s why CPRealtimeSQL includes a comprehensive set of Internet marketing tools to help store operators promote their web site including an optional group e-mailer for communicating with customers and site visitors, plus scores of tips on how to get high rankings on popular search engines; how to develop affiliate programs; how to distribute e-coupons; and lots of other practical marketing advice. CPStats can be installed to provide analysis of your website;